Unlike any competitive offering available on the market today, TCI Information Technology Consulting & Solutions are

designed to address real business issues “out-of-the-box”.



Digital Economy

Given its expected broad impact, traditional and emerging businesses are actively assessing how to respond to the changes brought about by the digital economy. In recent times, digital economy is the single most driver of innovation,competitiveness and growth.



Continuous software delivery, less complex problems during implementation and faster resolution to problems are technical benefits realized from DevOps. On the business front, it is a whole new world of unplugged benefits. From gaining market-share to competitiveness, speed matters.


Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is a transformational change. Ability for enterprises to stay connected with their customers and operations have benefited from the combined power of smart devices on high-bandwidth networks and shared economy i.e. social media which have further deepen mobility adoption. Convenience reigns.


QA Center of Excellence

With the pervasiveness of IT today, businesses need to ensure spotless service delivery including information exchange in an error-free manner across desktops, web, mobile and on emerging technology platforms. Implementing best practices so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled become #1 priority.

Why choose us

At the core of everything we do is trust. Our clients trust us to deliver excellence and our people trust us to make their professional fulfillment a priority. And it’s because our relationships are founded on trust that we’re able to achieve the things we do. The more we live up to the high standards we set ourselves, the more we can achieve. Infinite Possibilities, is at the heart of our employee retention and value contribution program.

  • Defining and improving Performance Continually
  • Anticipating Changes and Disruptions
  • Aligning Skills and enhancing Team Capabilities
  • Continuous Delivery Process improvements
  • Shared values with Customers
    and Employees
  • Integrated Org structure for Effectiveness
  • Improved creation and sharing
    of Knowledge
  • Thought-leadership and Partnering
    in all areas of Business

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